For the second year in a row, I hosted a gingerbread house making party at my house for all the kids around my oldest daughter’s age to come to.  

One of my fondest memories as a child, was doing the same thing every Christmas with my girl scout troop, and it was something I wanted to start doing every Christmas with my girls too!

The first year, I learned a lot of what worked and what did not, so I thought I would share in hopes that it will encourage others to host something similar around the holidays with friends!

The Houses - Get the Pre-Built Ones!

The first year, I did not do this, and what a mistake!  The kids had zero patience as us moms tried to build their houses.  Oh, and constructing a gingerbread house is a lot harder and frustrating than I remembered (maybe because as a child, I never had to do that part).  So I highly recommend getting the pre-built ones!  I bought ours at Costco, and they were the exact same price as the ones I had bought the year before, so WIN!  Plus, they came with plenty of candy for decorating the houses, and tons of icing for licking!

For the Little Ones

Another plus to the kits from Costco, is they came with gingerbread cookies to decorate, so we used these for the younger siblings to decorate!  Perfect for their short attention span!

The Details

For the little touches, I ordered everyone an apron from personalized with their name, and I got the trays they built their houses on from Dollar Tree.


For food, every neighbor brought something to share!  Here is a picture of our spread!

I hope this helps!  Happy Gingerbread House Making!  


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