My daughter turned one recently, and I wanted a simple theme for her first birthday.  I knew we would have the party at our house, and in the morning time (I prefer all birthday parties in the morning time).  I like doing most of the decorations myself, and I wanted to keep the menu simple since I would be feeding parents, and older siblings and friends.  

So I landed on a donut theme party!

Menu was Simple!

I kept the menu super simple:


Donut Holes

Pigs In a Blanket

Small Quiche Bites


Cupcakes (per my four year old’s request

Party Favors

I have to admit, party favors are my least favorite thing when it comes to hosting birthday parties for my girls.  I dislike all the cheap toys and candy my own kids walk away with after attending their friends birthday parties, and I have to admit, most of it goes straight into the trash.  And I get it moms – it is hard to find inexpensive non-junk items for favors! 

Here is what I did for party favors, and trust me, some of my oldest daughter’s friends were not real impressed when they opened their party favor bag…but it was something for them to walk away with, right?!

I kept the donut them with the favor bags, and filled them with:

Small bottle of water

Donut Dough (play doh)

Donut Seeds (cheerios covered in melted white chocolate and sprinkled with sprinkles)


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