Back in July, when we started recording our first few episodes of our new podcast, Bunch of MOMsense, one of our first guest that agreed to record with us was our friend Holly Bennett.  After we wrapped recording a couple of episodes with her, we were chatting, as we often do with our guests, and she shared with us that she had lost a significant amount of weight after recently completing Faster Way To Fat Loss (FWTFL).

I had heard of it (Jessica had not) from influencers I follow on Instagram, but I did not know anyone personally that had tried it.  So of course, I asked ALL the questions!

Over the years, I have slowly put on weight, and after each kid, I found it more challenging to lose the weight.  Plus, I eat like a child – I love a poptart warmed in the toaster each morning with a large glass of cold milk. I love pasta, chips and queso, anything in a flour tortilla.  So I clearly was aware that I had to stop eating like this, but being a picky eater, I wasn’t sure what to eat and how much to eat to make some traction.

After Holly shared with us about the program, what she eats in a day depending on her macros, and options for my picky palate, I thought, why not?  It is a six week commitment, and to me, those six weeks would come and go, and I would still be feeling miserable in my clothes, and not great about myself.

Jessica signed up first, and I got cold feet.  After she nudged me a little, I agreed to sign up. I am so glad I did!  And I am truly thankful I had a friend that I was able to do this with because it was nice to have someone to joke around with what we were eating (or not eating depending on macros for the day), and someone to hold me accountable.

What is Faster Way to Fat Loss?

Here is our interpretation of our experience, but we highly encourage you to check out their website to learn more.

FWTFL is a mixture of carb cycling, intermittent fasting (8 hour window to eat), meal planning to your macro goals (carbs, fat, and protein) each day, and exercising to help turn your body into a fat burner.  Our coaches recommended us to eliminate dairy and gluten but this was not required. I did this 100% the first two weeks, and I absolutely feel like this helped with feeling less bloated, so I continued this for the most part the rest of the four weeks. There are two common questions people ask when they hear about the program – can they have coffee during fasting window in the morning (yes), and can you drink alcohol (yes, but our coaches educated us on how you body processes the alcohol versus food and to count it towards your macros for the day).

During the six weeks, you are provided with so many helpful tools to support you, educate you, and motivate you!  For example, you have a coach who is your biggest cheerleader, your teacher, and your resource for any one offs you may have (for example if you are breastfeeding or have a thyroid issue), you have access to the portal which is amazing (I’ll get to why in a minute), and you are part of a private Facebook group of others in your group who cheer you on and share ideas.

The portal has all of your reading materials to teach you about the program and research behind what they are asking you to do, as well as at home/gym workouts, meal planning ideas, and recipes with shopping lists!!!

Our Takeaways

FWTFL motto is “progress over perfection”.  You can have a bad day or a misstep, and it is okay.  Tomorrow is a new day!

The scale is not something you should be using to measure your success.  Measurements and progress picture taking is encouraged and used to measure your success.  In addition to that, you will feel so much better, trust me! And you will be sleeping more soundly.

Drink lots of water!  Drinking water before we would break fast would help so much!  

Our coaches told us we should never be “hungry”, and they were right.  If you are eating to your macro goals, you should not feel hungry, we honestly were not hungry!  

It can be a little overwhelming at the beginning, I am not going to lie.  I questioned if I could do it. There is lots of information, plus I had to rethink how I bought groceries, read nutrition labels, look to see if it was gluten free or dairy free.  The most challenging part, but also the most important part, was meal planning! I would do this every night in My FitnessPal App to ensure I was staying within my macro goals each day.  

The program gives you a full week known as “prep week” to start learning how to eat within your macros, practice intermittent fasting before you actually kick off the first week.

After a couple of weeks, you get in a rhythm of what you will be eating depending if it is a low carb day or regular macro day.

Our Results

Overall, I lost a total of 8.5 inches (measurements are a combination of upper arm, upper thigh, mid section), and after being off the program for two full weeks, I have maintained a lot of the practices I learned, and have managed to continue to lose another 3 inches!!

I also had improvement in my blood work in several areas, but my most significant was in my triglycerides!  There are now below 100!

If you are interested in doing FWTFL with our coach Kelly, click here to sign up for the next round!

If you have any questions or want to learn more, send us an email or DM on Instagram!

We are two moms who had success doing this program, we truly enjoyed it, and just want to share with other moms who are looking to try something to feel good in their clothes and about themselves!


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