I received my first Fab Fit Fun Box summer edition. I have always been interested in these boxes and finally pulled the trigger at the encouragement of my friend. You know that friend, the one that always pushes you to spend money??? LOL. 

It’s always fun to get new products through the mail, right? The products are legit full sized. Very impressive! Im still in the process of trying them all out, but below are the products that were included in this shipment. The total value of this box is $338.95. So over $300 worth of products for only $50 out of my pocket? SIGN ME UP!  If you are interested in trying out the FAB FIT FUN BOX – click here and save $10 off your first box!  Have fun! 

African Botanics Marula Botanical Hand Cream ~ This is a hand cream. The tube itself is not so big that you could carry in a small purse or keep in your nightstand. 

Grace & Stella Spray All Day ~ I like to spray this all over on my way out whether I am wearing make up or not. Makes you feel refreshed! Especially in this Texas heat! If you carry a larger purse you could carry it with you. 

Intelligent Nutrients Refining Micro Polish ~ Very mild exfoliation! Not too rough on skin and could use every day!

Exfoliating Foot Mask ~ Haven’t been able to try this yet – not much time to sit around with cream on my feet. The hubby and kids are taking a trip to the grandparents soon so maybe I can try it out then!

Generation Clay Brightening Purple Clay Mask ~ This mask is really fun! It’s purple and I love anything that promises glowing dewy skin!

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry ~ I have never heard of this jewelry designer before. I checked out her site and she has some beautiful and stylish necklaces. Most out of my price range, but still cute. This necklace alone costs what the entire FAB FIT FUN BOX costs – another reason to sign up!

xo, Sienna Felt Message Board ~ Everyone needs a felt letter board for all the fun sayings! Right now, mine says “FIRST DAY OF PRE-K” ~ they grow up too fast!!


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