Every few months, I like to update accessories in my house.  My timing usually doesn’t coordinate with change of seasons, but mostly due to me getting tired of looking at the same things in my house, and my desire to re-arrange or start from scratch.

Our house is very traditional in style and in decor, but I have been drawn to all the succulent arrangements I have seen in stores and online as I have looked for inspiration.  To me, I have always felt succulents were for accenting a more modern home, but I decided, why not try some in our house.

I first started with some small pre-made arrangements I picked up at Home Goods and Target and placed them in our main living area.  I really liked how they looked. I even went as far to buy some live succulents at the grocery store, but only one has survived (I do not have a green thumb for indoor plants, even low maintenance succulents).  

As we were looking for outdoor landscape inspiration for our backyard, I came across several succulent walls, and thought that would look really cool with our super modern pool design.  (To read more about our backyard makeover, click here.) So, I had my husband build a wall for us to attach artificial boxwood to so I could add artificial succulents to it.

I bought two different bundles of artificial succulents off Amazon.  The ones I felt were the best quality are these artificial succulent plants. I ended up going back and buying another bundle of them to finish out the wall.

I also used the same artificial succulents to create a centerpiece that I rotate between the table in my entryway or on my dining room table.  It was super easy to arrange these in a bowl I already had, and I love how it turned out!

I hope this gives you some inspiration on how to incorporate succulents into your own home’s decor as well!


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