When preschool wrapped up for us back in May, I had all these “plans” to work with my four year old daughter during the summer to make sure she was ready for Pre-K next year.  Well, here we are four weeks out from school starting, and we have somehow filled our days with swimming, lunches at Chick fila, and play dates with friends.  So last week, I decided to make a trip to our local Dollar Tree store to look for arts and crafts, and as luck would have it, our timing was perfectly in line with them putting all their back to school supplies out!

I loaded up on some great finds and items we can turn into learning activities, and I thought I would share.  Enjoy!

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Alphabet Beads & Colorful Beads - use for spelling, counting, & making patterns

Q-Tips! Who knew Q-Tips could be so much fun! We found these colorful ones and it makes counting, making letters & shapes fun!

Wooden Numbers, Craft Sticks, & Clothespins

Fun Crayons

Globe Ball

Sales Order Book ~ I thought this might be fun to play make believe with & practice writing skills


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