Our toddlers love sensory toys!  And we love them too! Anything that is engaging their little minds and hands is always a WIN for us!  Plus, it keeps them occupied for long stretches of time! Check out ones our kids love to play and ones we pull out when it is time to cook dinner or when we just need a break!

Tip for sensory toys – some can be messy, so we definitely recommend buying some reusable large rectangular food storage containers similar to these that are great for putting the kinetic sand in, water beads, corn meal, or anything else you might need contained while they play (it makes clean up a lot easier too!)

Plus, we have listed some accessories that go well with sensory items.

For more ideas of sensory activities, check out our other blog post, Dollar Tree Finds!

Our List:

  • Water Beads plus it comes with accessories!
  • Crayola Model Magic we love!  No mess, no crumbs!  They come in small individual packages so perfect to put in your bag and pull out when eating out or traveling!
  • Golf Tees – these are great to use when playing with Play Doh, Crayola Model Magic, or even to hammer into a pumpkin in October!

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