As a first time mom, there were several things I wasn’t sure how to navigate.  For example, how do you load your infant from their car seat to a baby carrier you are wearing.  How to change your baby’s diaper when you are in the car (not in your lap as I learned one day when my daughter decided to have a newborn bowel movement while I was trying to get a new diaper on her).  And what items do you need to feed your baby a bottle when you are not at home.  

For the first three months of my first born’s life, I had never feed my daughter a bottle anywhere other than at our house.  There were many Saturdays we would go out and run our errands and then race home to feed our daughter a bottle for her next feeding.  I had zero clue as to what I needed to make a bottle on the go and when I searched online, I had a hard time finding someone who had blogged about it.

We were already using Tommee Tippee brand bottles.  No reason specific other than that’s the brand I knew my sister-in-law had used with her three kids and she was my source on all things baby related.  Luckily my daughter had no issues taking my pumped breast milk or her baby formula from the Tommee Tippee nipples so we stuck with them. I even use them now with my second daughter.  

So off to the baby store we went to figure out what was available to feed our daughter on the go.  Since we were already using the Tommee Tippee bottles, that is where we started and lucky we found everything we needed.

What You Need

Here is how I used Tommee Tippee products on the go.  First you need to fill your bottle with the amount of water you need to make the bottle.  So if you are making a 4 ounce bottle, then pour in 4 ounces of your Baby Water or whatever type of water you are using to mix the formula with into your bottle.  Next, us one of Tommee Tippee’s Formula Dispensers to hold the measured out formula you need to mix to make your 4 ounce bottle. Place the Formula Dispenser into the bottle (with the baby water already in there), and then screw your nipple on tight and place the nipple cover on.  To have hot water on the go to warm your bottle in, you will need the Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer. There is no electricity needed with this at all. All you have to do is warm the water before you leave your house and pour it into the thermal flask. I would boil about 4 cups of water in a glass measuring cup right before we left the house and pour the hot water into the Travel Bottle and off we would go.  When it was time to make the bottle, you simply mix the formula from the Formula Dispenser by pouring it into your bottle that already has the water in it, shake it up really good (make sure you have put the nipple cover back on the bottle before you shake). To warm up the bottle, you pour the hot water from your Travel Bottle into the outer shell of the thermal flask and your Tommee Tippee bottle will fit right in and warm up.    

I know other moms who I have referred to the Tommee Tippee line of products have also used the Travel Bottle to hold the water they are going to mix their formula with, and it holds the water at just the right temperature for you so your bottle is ready to go!

I hope this helps to cut through all the MOMsense out there and makes your life on the GO with a bottle feed baby easier!


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